Meet The Magic Makers

Marta Santamaria

Fearless Leader & Owner

  1. I take 3 showers a day
  2. When I don’t know a word in English I make up my own
  3. I leave every kitchen cabinet open when I cook
  4. When I go to my step class, the step has to line up with the line of wood floor
  5. Before I go to bed, I have to wash my feet
  6. I craved lemons when I was pregnant 
  7. I sleep with a sea of pillows
  8. I check my car three times to make sure it is locked 
  9. All my food has to have a crunch factor
  10. My co-workers describe me as: bighearted and unselfish, inspiring, resilient, driven, dynamic


Maker of Wedding Magic

  1. 100% of the time you’ll find a camera in my hand, I like to capture every moment
  2. I have the personality of a surfer because I’m mad chill & the mentality of Mark Cuban because of growing a business & striving for success
  3. I’m extremely competitive, if I lose you better believe its double or nothing
  4. Find me in the kitchen, call me Bobby Flay
  5. I’ve been to over half the states in America 
  6. I biked from Asheville to Ocean Isle beach in 4 days after fracturing my knee while wakeboarding
  7. Delta miles are life – although they did deny me entrance to the Sky Club one time because I lost my card
  8. I’ve had surgery 3 times from sports injuries
  9. Crush it. My Ninja. Two phrases I use often
  10. I’ve replaced my Mavic 2 Zoom drone 5 times. Building FPV drones is definitely my next step 
  11. My co-workers describe me as: a dreamer


Maker of Wedding Magic

  1. When gay marriage was legalized in NYC I married my husband and we’ve been together for 14 years and still madly in love.
  2. I’m a documentary and portrait photographer who has exhibited in galleries in NYC
  3. I’m co-founder of an accessories company called Jak and Fox, named after our rescue dogs.
  4. I’m a first generation American of Ukrainian and West African immigrants.
  5. I used to live in London touring the country during my modeling career 
  6. I enjoy drinking Manhattan’s, listening to Jazz with a few of my friends.
  7. My favorite musician is Gary Clark Jr.
  8. Currently working on a documentary portrait project about the racial diversity of Asheville
  9. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY
  10. Went on a 6 month road trip and visited 40 states. 


Maker of Wedding Magic

1. I majored in Hospitality and Tourism at WCU. Go Cats!
2. I met my wonderful husband while being a student there. 
3. I am a new Mom! My son was born in June 2022.
4. I have a crazy energetic Husky named Kierra.
5. I love photography. 
6. My family is ginormous and spread out along the Southeastern US. 
7. I actually loved going to school and often wish I was still in it. 
8. I am a Disney fanatic! 
9. Sweet tea runs through my veins. 
10. Pandas are my favorite animal. I think they are adorable!

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